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Community Health and Wellness

Through mobile clinics, community health education, and collaboration with local organizations, we are working to make sustainable contributions to the health and wellness of communities throughout rural Haiti. 

With teams of 12-18 volunteers, we conduct  annual medical service trips that  provide care and education to isolated communities in the Central Plateau and Southern Island regions of Haiti.  Through our  local partnerships, we connect patients with local resources for chronic conditions and continuing care.

Tracking Outcomes

We currently partner with Backpack EMR, a B-Corp organization based in Minneapolis. Their proprietary software program is designed to create electronic medical records in a rural health setting. In January 2018, we were able to integrate this system into our mobile medical clinics. This allows us to effectively and efficiently capture patient data, track outcomes, and document trends in the communities with which we are building relationships.


Backpack EMR also allows easier follow-up with local resources for patients with chronic conditions, or in need of continuing care.

Our vision is to integrate Backpack EMR into a community health worker program to support health and wellness in rural, or isolated communities. 

Collaboration for Sustainable Changes

We are currently partnering with Harvest Hope Haiti, a group of volunteers from Gooding, ID who aspire to bring jobs, nutrition, and hope to the people of Mirebalais, Haiti. 

Since 2014, HHH has worked to develop sustainable agriculture practices in growing "The Vision Farm." The long-range goal of the farm is to provide nutrition to 730 kids at the GVCM orphanage and school.

Currently they are working on a program that will provide "An Egg a Day" to the children living at the orphanage, and  attending the school.  

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