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Meet Jordyn!

Hey y'all!

Jamie here. I am so beyond excited to announce we have officially hired our first employee! Jordyn Funk, who traveled to Haiti with us in January on a medical service trip is stepping on board as our Social Media Manager. She was such a joy to have on the trip and her compassion for helping others can be felt wherever she goes. She spent time connecting with the translators, playing with the kids in clinic and immersing herself in the culture.

Jordyn will be handling all of our social media channels and managing our blog! Jordyn attended Boise State and majored in communications with an emphasis in PR. She currently works in marketing as well. We are super excited to have her expertise to help us grow our presence on social media and share what we are up to with the world. Watch our Instagram and Facebook pages for organization updates on trips, projects and events!

Here are a few words from Jordyn about her experience with Flourish!

"Seeing Haiti for the first time was an experience that is really difficult to describe. While I was unsure and honestly somewhat frightened about what to expect, my nerves were easily settled when I realized that I was traveling with a terrific team! I had never been to a developing country, but the one feeling that I took away from this trip is GRATEFUL. My whole life I have grown up really privileged, simply because I was born in the United States – a country where I have never had to experience a life without electricity, indoor plumbing, running (clean) water, healthcare, or a roof over my head. As I spent 10 days in Haiti, I really wondered why we are so privileged to have unlimited access to resources that other parts of the world do not. It was incredibly life changing to see people who live happy, simple lives because every day they choose to be grateful for what they have, rather than dwell on what they do not. Volunteering in the medical clinics was such a humbling and amazing experience, and I met some of the most inspiring, incredible people on this trip. Volunteering with Flourish opened my eyes to many of the things that I so easily take for granted, yet encouraged me to try and give back as much as I can. I look forward to returning to Haiti and reconnecting with all of the beautiful souls that I met there. I hope that everyone who gets the experience to take this trip comes away with the same lessons and experiences that I did!"

Rubbing down a baby in clinic with scabies treatment cream.

Taking photos with all the kids on one of the remotes fishing villages near Ile a Vache.

Drone View of "Pirate Island."

Distributing the Shoe That Grows

to the kids on the island of Ile a Vache.

To reach Jordyn email her at

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